GE Water Heaters Reviews – Best Brand?

GE Water Heaters Reviews

GE water heaters represent top water heaters available at the market nowadays.Two years ago US Department of Energy implemented new new requirements and a new system of approval foreign water heaters. This system was called ENERGY STAR. The first company that made water heaters according to new requirements – was General Electric.

GE was also active participant of Department Of Energy ENERGY STAR development process, so General Electrics water heaters are safe and meet gigh quality standarts of new system. ENERGY STAR system concerns heat pump water heaters and tankless water heaters. As home water heating is most energy consuming process, so it’s vital to optimize it. That’s whay recent ENERGY STAR requirements are of great importance.

For home energy efficiency improvement GE designed and produced new appliances for the home. They are GE Hybrid Electric Water Heater and GE Tankless Gas Water Heater.

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Modern GE Water Heaters electric can heat the same ammount of water using only half of energy used by other brands models. This happens because of innovative technology, that adsorbs energy for water heating from the air.

GE water heaters – some numbers

Here we will show some technical information and statistics of GE devices usage.
The standart year energy usage of most water heater tanks is 4800kwh. The power usage of GE water heater is as low as 2300kwH. Such energy economy will help you to save about 2500kwh per year and, basing on energy cost 10c per kwh, 250$ yearly savings.

GE water heaters safety

To provide more safety in new line of water heaters General electrics implements outstanding technology system SmartShield. The need in this technology came in case of numerous hazards associated with gazoline and other flamable materials, that are used in water heaters. The innovative SmartShield technology provides complete isolation of combustion chamber and instant powering off of water heater in case of flamable situation.

Tank water heaters have need in 24 hour maintaining the temperature of water in the tank, that’s why new GE water heaters are tankless, and so the water heats just when you begin using ge water heater. Using GE water heaters you save up to 25% of annual heating costs, thats because of no energy losses from warming water in the tank. Try GE water heaters and you will like them.

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