Best Whole House Water Filter System Review – AQUASANA10-YEAR KIT

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

If you pay more careful attention to the water that you consume daily in these modern days, you will most likely realize that the water you consume no longer tastes as delicious as it used to be. Well, this is because today’s water is no longer clean as it was before. Most people today consume what is known as contaminated water, or hard water.

This is the water that comes as a result of various pollutions. To avoid all those contaminated waters one might need the Best Whole House Water Filter System as the one below



What Is Hard Water?

For those who have yet to understand what hard water is, they can simply think of it as water that consists of mainly calcium and magnesium. Just for information, these minerals are not good to consume when they are contained in water. Not only are they not good for consumption, but these minerals can also often clog water pipes as well. With that being said, there is no questioning that people should do everything they can in order to get rid of those minerals from their household water.

Water filtration system

One very effective method to dispose of those aforementioned minerals is by filtering them. To filter the water, people can always count on a water filtration/softener kit. This kit filters the minerals and softens the water. It is often the case that such a kit makes use of either sodium or potassium to soften the water. The sodium often comes from water filter resin beads. Speaking of which, however, the time is going to eventually come when people will have to replace the old beads with newer ones. Yet, this is not something to freak out about as replacing the beads is a pretty simple task.

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System Reviews

Now, what is more, important is that people know which whole house water filter to choose so that they are not going to waste their hard-earned money. In this case, the offering from a company called Aquasana,

The Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000-Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Pro Install Kit really deserves every bit of people’s attention. Needless to say, the device has to have a lot of advantages over other similar products in order to deserve such huge attention.

The Benefits

Well, first of all, as its name implies, this device from Aquasana is literally capable of handling a very high water input volume. It can efficiently get rid of chlorine (by up to 97%) in one million gallons of water. This exceeds the standards determined by the NSF.

Some whole house water softening kit out there has to use salt to soften the hard water. Unfortunately, this often translates to salty drinking water. However, this is not the case with this product from Aquasana. In fact, this is the next advantage that the product has to offer. There is no need for salt at all whatsoever. In addition to that, there is no need, either, for backflushing or even electric power.

The next benefit that people can expect to get when they purchase the aforementioned Aquasana product is that they will get numerous items in the product package. These items consist of brass and post-filter fittings, activated carbon material and also pre-filter copper/zinc KDF.

A highly effective water filtration system is another benefit users of the device will get. Unlike most other water filtering kits out there, this product from Aquasana softens the water in not just one but four stages. First, the device will take advantage of a pre-filter kit measuring 5 microns to get rid of any dirt, rust and whatever microscopic article that may exist in the water.

Then, the device will oxidize the water by means of a copper/zinc tank. After that, the device will crush any mineral stones that it can find in the water, leading to a balanced water pH and reduced concentration of chlorine. Eventually, the device will make use of the activated carbon it has in its tank. Since this activated carbon is of high grade, eliminating contaminants is not going to be difficult at all.

AQUASANA10-YEAR KIT Product package

For anyone who may well be interested in purchasing the product in question from Aquasana, here is a more detailed listing of the items that they are going to get: a filter housing wrench, two slip unions, two brass adapters, four 3” nipples, two brass tee fittings, two plastic bend supports, three brass shutdown valves, one post-filter housing measuring 10 inches (with cartridge), one sediment pre-filter housing measuring 20 inches (with cartridge) and also a tank that has a garden hose adapter.


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Best Whole House Water Filter System Review – AQUASANA10-YEAR KIT