Water Softener Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

Price: $89.95 - $55.95
(as of Jun 30,2019 13:34:19 UTC – Details)

BIGAR (2PACK) SilverPure 12x Nano & Vitamin C | Water Softener Shower Head Filter for Hard Water – Beautify & Cleanse


This Daily Beauty Booster Transforms

  • Dull, dry, frizzy locks into lusciously silky locks that shine.
  • Brittle, chipped, broken nails into hard, formidable can openers.
  • Itchy, parched, flaky skin into glowing, smooth radiance.

12 Powerful Stages, 1 Revolutionary Advancement in Silver

Stage 1. BLOCKS medium sediments

Stage 2. CAPTURES Turpitudes, Small Sediments & Dust

Stage 3. REDUCES Chlorine from Hot & Cold Water

Stage 4. ELIMINATES micro living creatures in Hot & Cold Water with KDF-55

Stage 5. ELIMINATES tri-halo-methanes, organics & impurities

Stage 6. BLESS your water with the Holy Water Purifier, NANO SILVER

Stage 7. REMOVES heavy metals, revitalizes skin & hair

Stage 8. INFUSES nourishment, health and beauty into hair & body

Stage 9. REVITALIZES hair, skin & nails with Tourmaline

Stage 10. ENERGIZES & OXYGENATES cells, hair & nails

Stage 11 & 12. TRAPS & LOCKS in all purified filter media & sediments

Try It 45 Days, Risk-Free

You’ll love how SilverPure 12x Nano filter system leaves you feeling cleaner and more beautiful after every shower or your money back, no questions ask.

RESTORE BEAUTY FROM THE FIRST SHOWER: ITCHY? DULL? BRITTLE? DRY? Wonderful chlorine filter for shower head delivers results day one. POWERFUL proprietary shower water filter effectively BLOCKS ALL THE BAD that damages your health and beauty while infusing in

NOURISHING MINERALS & VITAMIN C: for clear, itch-free skin, strong nails, lustrous hair and a glowing complexion.

SUPERIOR INSIDE & OUT -THE CLEANEST CLEAN: begins with the finest components. Premium grade calcium sulfite, REDOX KD-55, Nano Silver, Zeolite Ceramic, Tourmaline, Magnetic Oxygenizing Medicine Balls and Micro-Porous PPC cotton and Vitamin C Shower Filter components block the HARD WATER, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, rotting organic matter, harsh components & funny SMELLS others leave behind.

HOT & COLD WATER – BLOCK YUCK OTHERS LEAVE BEHIND: THE SECRET? ADVANCED SILVER NANO water softener shower head filter purifies provides the same potent filtration used to purify HOLY WATER and SURGICAL EQUIPMENT – the best way to block and remove everything that worries you in both HOT & COLD WATER.

TWO FULL FILTERS: so you don’t need to touch anything you’d rather avoid. Simply unscrew the used filter, wrap the new filters pipe threads with INCLUDED LEAK-BLOCKING TEFLON tape, and screw it in. UNIVERSAL – FITS Fixed, rain & even handheld.

12 MONTHS PROTECTION – TRY IT RISK-FREE: Try it for 45 days and love how SilverPure 12x Nano shower filter system leaves you feeling cleaner and more beautiful after every shower or your money back, no questions asked. We guarantee each filter won’t leak, crack or lose purifying power for 6 full months or we’ll replace it free!