Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Lifetime Warranty

Price: $129.99 - $75.00
(as of Jan 04,2019 10:42:13 UTC – Details)

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Lifetime Warranty – Guaranteed to Remove Fluoride, Lead and over 200 other contaminants

✓ HIGH CAPACITY FILTERS: High-quality filters produce 100 gallons of water each, lasting 2.5 times longer than Brita filters and 3.3 times longer than ZeroWater for maximum lifetime savings.

✓ REMOVES 5600% MORE CONTAMINANTS THAN ANY OTHER PITCHER FILTER, INCLUDING FLUORIDE, LEAD, CHROMIUM 6, CHLORAMINES, MERCURY, HORMONES, PESTICIDES, PHARMACEUTICALS AND CHLORINE: A proprietary filter will remove over 230 chemicals, contaminants and toxins, including a lead/fluoride filter, protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. The filter does all this while keeping healthy & beneficial minerals in your water, unlike ZeroWater and Reverse Osmosis systems

✓ CLEANER AND GREAT TASTING: Pitcher and filter built in the USA, 100% BPA-free non-leaching, 100% FDA-approved food and medical grade materials, 100% recyclable

✓ LIFETIME GUARANTEE AND GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If your filter pitcher ever breaks, we will replace it free of charge. It is our goal to ensure you are always drinking clean and safe water

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