Corro-Protec CP-R Water Heater Powered Titanium Anode Rod (40-80 Gallon Tank)

Price: $119.99
(as of Jun 05,2019 00:23:45 UTC – Details)

Corro-Protec CP-R Water Heater Powered Titanium Anode Rod (40-80 Gallon Tank) – Eliminate Odor (Sulfur/rotten egg smell), Corrosion and Reduce Limescale


The Corro-Protec Powered Anode made of titanium is a long-term solution to preventing sulfide smells (that rotten egg smell) produced by well water.

Aggressive well water and the use of softeners contribute to the sacrificing of passive anodes (magnesium, aluminum, and aluminum/zinc) much quicker, generally requiring replacement every 2-5 years.


By replacing your existing anode with Corro-Protec Powered Anode Rod it may be the last anode you ever buy! We back our claim with a 20-year warranty.


  • May require a longer nipple and brass coupler to clear the insulation and complete the install.
  • Adaptable to replacing hex head anodes only. Designed with a 3″ long nipple.
  • Universal to most gas and electric water heaters.

Say Goodbye to Odors – Eliminate your water heat odor problem by removing the rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide with our advanced powered anode rod.

Permanent Corrosion Protection – Designed to replace your 40-80-gallon water heater’s hex head anode rod, it can help defend against any level of water hardness.

Energy Efficient Design – By reducing mineral accumulation on the tank it can help improve the water quality while reducing stress on the tank to reduce energy costs.

Quick and Easy Installation – We’ve included an easy-to-follow paper and step-by-step online PDF instructions to make installing your anode rod much easier.

North American Quality – Manufactured right here in North America, our hot water heater anode rod not only extends the life of your tank but is backed by a 20-year warranty.

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