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Diamond Crystal 804017 Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt, 50 Lbs

Coarse screened, white crystalline sodium chloride. Primary intended for use in regenerating water softener ion-exchange resin in both household and commercial water softeners and can be used effectively in most water softening units. In filtered brine form, this product can be used for meat and poultry processing, quality grading sensitive vegetables, and curing olives and pickles.

It has also found application in hiding curing and snow and ice removal. Packaged in polyethylene bags and in 50lb., 80lb., and 40kg multiwall kraft containers, which incorporate polyethylene film liners for added moisture protection. Size: 50 lb

High purity salt evaporated naturally by the sun and wind
Pure salt, typically 99.6% sodium chloride crystals
Formulated to resist mushing and bridging, minimizing the accumulation of brine tank residue
NSF approved

Diamond Crystal 804017 Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt