Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2 Premier 96,000 Grain Water Softener

Price: $2,072.00
(as of Dec 28,2020 06:05:24 UTC – Details)

Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2 Premier 96,000 Grain Water Softener, 1.25″ Digital Metered, On-Demand, High-Efficiency Up Flow

  • Genesis 2 Premier System Includes Genesis 2 Premier Upflow On Demand Metered Control – 21 GPM (5 GPM Backwash Rate) 3 Cu. Ft. 10% Crosslink (Highest Durability and Capacity) Resin 3/4″ and 1″ unique bypass with integrated turbine meter. 14×65 Resin tank with lifetime warranty & 10-year control head warranty Now Featuring our black Tank Tux neoprene tank jacket reduces tank sweating Large 18×40 brine tank holds over 400lbs of salt. Lifetime warranty Salt Grid prevents salt bridging
  • Family of 4 will save 19,440 lbs. of salt and 51,120 gallons of water versus downflow water softeners Genesis Premier On Demand Upflow control valve with electronic sensors, adjustable cycles, and proven ceramic disc design Direct Flow design allows for more efficient operation with fewer moving parts Reverse Flow Regeneration preserves unused softening bed from unnecessary exchange saving salt
  • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill keeps the brine tank and injectors cleaner Automatic System Refresh flushes stagnant water after 7 days of non-use, preventing bacterial growth Soft Water Recharge Mode ensures soft water during usually heavy water usage Lifetime Control Head/Valve Warranty and Lifetime on Resin and Brine Tank Over 1 Million Tanks Sold with Zero Returns
  • Our Exclusive Genesis 2 Premier Upflow On Demand metered digital water softener is a premier water softening system that sets the new standard for high performance while offering more features designed to make installation easier and faster than ever. All while saving you up to 75% on salt and 64% less water.
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