DuraWater 64k-56SXT-10 10% 64k Softener, 64,000, Black

Price: $656.82
(as of Dec 30,2018 02:07:48 UTC – Details)

DuraWater 64k-56SXT-10 10% 64k Softener, 64,000, Black

Commercial Grade 64k Water Softener 10% cross linked resin Commercial grade resin for improved durability and longer resin life. Fleck 5600 SXT control head Our most popular head offers digital controls with an informative display and easy setup. Complete System Includes tank, control head, 10% resin, and brine tank. Complete System Metered on-demand system 64,000 grain maximum capacity 2.0 cubic feet commercial 10% resin Complete brine tank with float LCD Display Touchpad controls 12″x48″ resin tank 15″x17x36″ brine tank. Note: only comes with one meter, the paddlewheel meter that is needed for the system.

Test kit only available from some sellers, not all.1″ connection can be easily reduced to 3/4″ if needed. Upgraded 10% cross-linked water softener resin
With the most advanced features and simple design for easy programming, the Fleck 5600 SXT is a “set and forget” system!
Ships with resin pre-loaded for easier installation
1″ male threaded bypass

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