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EcoPure EPHS007 Ecopure EPHS Water Conditioner Whole Home Water Softener & Filter System in One – NSF Certified – Built in USA – No Filters to Replace, Ever

Solving hard water doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. Our softeners simplify getting the water you need for softer hair and skin, cleaner, brighter towels and longer-lasting appliances. The Ecopure EPHS whole home water softener & filter in one is 31,000 grain capacity is ideal for families of 1-6+ people looking for a reliable way to soften and filter their water. Municipalities often add chlorine to your water supply to treat the water they provide – this can cause the water to contain an unpleasant taste and smell. Chlorine can also dry out your skin and hair from the shower and bath. The Eco Pure water conditioner will remove the chlorine taste and odor from your water supply, leaving you with clean and soft skin and hair. The Eco Pure water conditioner cleans itself automatically when it needs to so there are no filters to replace ever, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water and replacement filters such as refrigerator filters or whole home carbon filters within your home. This system also eliminates embarrassing mineral stains, uses less detergent in the wash for cleaner, brighter and softer fabrics, and helps your water-using appliances last longer by allowing them to run more efficiently. Soft water also helps to keep your hair and skin feel healthy and soft. Eco Pure water softeners employ demand initiated regeneration meaning the system will only regenerate based on your hardness level and how much water you actually use, this results in significant salt and water savings. It will not waste water by regenerating (like some competitor models) while you are on vacation and you will not run out of soft water if you use more water than usual. Eco Pure water softeners also come with simple to program electronics and include a low salt indicator light and work on city water or well water. Over time, water softeners also keep your water using appliances (water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.) working efficiently, last longer and save energy. All Eco Pure water softeners come standard with a 1-year manufacturers parts and labor warranty, 3-year limited electronics warranty, and 10-year limited warranty on the tanks. The full parts and labor warranty can be extended to 2 years with the purchase of 3 bottles of Eco Pure EPCL water softener cleaner within the first year of ownership (sold separately). Text ECOPURE to 444999 to sign up for water softener cleaner reminders. All systems include installation kit, bypass valve and come ready to connect to 1 inch male pipe thread. Questions? Call the helpline at (800) 693-1138.This multi-tasking appliance softens water throughout the home while also providing filtered water to every faucet, delivering superior water quality, added efficiency and financial savings
Autosense Technology – this exclusive feature calculates how much salt and water is required to regenerate the system and only uses what is necessary, resulting in a significant reduction in salt and water usage
Significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor, hard water and clear water iron symptoms throughout your home
Full 1-year parts and labor warranty included with purchase. The full parts and labor warranty can be extended to 2 years with the purchase of 3 bottles of epcl Ecopure softener cleaner in the first year of ownership (sold separately).
Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. Questions? Call the Ecopure helpline at (800) 693-1138.