Energy Efficient Water Heater: How to Maximize Energy Efficiency At Home?

How to Maximize Energy Efficiency At Home

When we think about our expenses, we can notice that the most obvious choices we see around our houses every day – are television, light, air conditioning, kitchen appliances and, of course, heating. But we often forget about our expenses for heating water that is necessary for our everyday needs. However, water heating accounts for about 18% of your home energy bill.

Why are Heaters So Popular?

Just like many appliances, water heaters have become more improved in recent years. Almost all models, that are available on the markets today, are more energy efficient. That is why even if you want to replace your heater with the same model, you cannot do this. Instead, you are able to buy one that is more efficient and that will help you to save your money on energy every month. That is why when you purchase a new heater think that they usually serve from 12 to 15 years, thus providing you with an ability to save hundreds of your dollars in the long run.

Electric vs. Gas?

Before making a decision to buy a new water heater, you should decide what type is the best for you. There are two main models of these devices the gas model and the electric model. If you want to replace your old water heater with a new one, don’t forget to check what model you have now.

It may be electric, gas, or even propane. No less important is whether you have natural gas or electric outlets, as not all homes are equipped with a natural gas outlet. Therefore, there is no reason to purchase a gas water heater if your home is all-electric. That means that electric heaters can be a good solution to this problem.

So, it is important to take into consideration all pros and cons. For instance, in many countries, natural gas is an economical way that can be used for heating water, as it costs less to heat water with natural gas than to do it with electricity.

If you are one of those who live in a rural area and there is a propane outlet instead of natural gas, you can use it as it is less expensive than electricity.

Water Heater Ratings

If you finally decided to spend big bucks on a water heater, try to check the ratings first. According to consumer reviews, these ratings really help to make the right choice. There are two main ratings you should take into consideration: the first one is called the energy factor which describes its efficiency, and the second one is called the first-hour recovery for storage tank heater or flow rate for tankless.

These both ratings are easy to explain: the higher the energy factor, the more efficient this unit is. The same is about the second one: the higher the number, the hotter water you will get.

Water heater technologies are becoming more popular. Although, all new models can be more energy efficient, at the same time they cannot be the most cost-effective for you. It means that before spending much money on high-technology models, take into consideration how each model works, its cons, and its pros. Your goal should be based on finding a balance between efficiency and performance for your home.

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