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Fleck 48k 100% Soft Water Softener Metered 5600 Mechanical 48,000 Grains Ships Loaded, 48, 000, Black

This complete Water softener comes with: high capacity Resin10 x 54 inch fiber glass USA labeled resin tank brine tank W/safety float1″ Bypass 5600 Metered control valve eliminate the hard water that causes scale buildup and reduced soap efficiency with our complete whole house water softening unit with high efficiency Fleck 5600 Mechanical Metered control valve. High capacity resin – high capacity extra long Life resin in all of our softening systems. Removes hard water – using ion exchange process This system removes the calcium and magnesium that cause hard water. By eliminating hard water you extend the life of your Plumbing and appliances! Meter based regeneration – this system uses a meter based regeneration process. This means that the water you use is measured and the system only regenerates when it needs to. If water needs increase the system regenerates more often to keep up. Fleck 5600 Metered control is the most reliable and durable controller from Fleck and is built on the tried and true 5600 valve. These valve have an outstanding 5 year warranty and have been tested to run continuously up to 27 years! Durable tank with a 10 year warranty. The standard square brine tank included with this system is 14″x14″x34″ And can hold about 250 lbs. Of salt. The included safety float prevents overfilling and the overflow drain acts as an additional backup to avoid water messes. Installation only takes 1-2 hours with some basic Plumbing skillsMade in usa structural tank ships loaded with resin in mineral tank for easier installation
Flecks most reliable and durable water softener — 100% softened water –5 year warranty valve 10 years tanks
Metered water softener only back washes as needed saving on salt & water
Great for removing 100 % of the water hardness on city & well water
Never lose programming due to power outage or being unplugged – male threaded bypass standard – Black usa made tanks