Hansing Whole House Water Softener Review

Hansing Whole House Hard Water Filter

Hansing Whole House Hard Water Filter

  • Removes 95% of Chlorine, rust, sand, colloids, and suspended solids, and reduces 98% of water scale build-up
  • With an aperture of 0.2 micrometers, prevent sediments from entering the filter and covering the scale inhibitor
  • Strong anti-clogging and low-pressure drop, because its working area is almost 7 times than normal filter
  • The capacity of 280,000 grains, only applies to our model HSFP-20IN (-1) and HSIV-20IN (-1), because slightly shorter than the standard 20inch replacement filter

Hansing Whole House Water Softener System Alternative overview

Keeping your house clean and scale-free is easy with the Hansing Whole House Water Softener System. Here are some of its features

Water Softener Alternative Uses 3/4″ FNPT Stainless Steel Threaded

This softener alternative uses a 3/4″ FNPT stainless steel threaded connection to make it easy to connect to your home’s water supply. The unit is designed for high efficiency and heavy-duty use, making it an ideal choice for those with hard water. In addition, the system reduces scale and chlorine buildup in your appliances and plumbing, as well as the amount of soap you need for laundry and dishes.

Filtered Water with No Added Sodium or Phosphorus

Hansing whole house water softeners are a great way to get fresh, clean water throughout the house, filtered water without worrying about adding sodium or phosphorus. This system uses a unique filtration process that removes impurities from your water without changing the essential minerals; this results in delicious, clean water that is safe for drinking, cooking, and even bathing.

Effective Rate of 95-98%

This Hansing softener is incredibly effective, with a rate of 95-98%. That means that it will effectively remove hardness from your water and reduce scale and chlorine. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy soft, healthy water for your whole home.

Radial Flow Design with a 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter

The Hansing whole house water softener system has a radial flow design so that it can filter more water in a shorter amount of time. In addition, the 0.2-micron pleated filter is also very effective at removing impurities from the water. This combination of factors makes this system one of the most efficient on the market.

Housing is Full of 304 Stainless Steel and Anti-Corrosion, Acid, and Alkali Resistant

The material of the water softener is essential. This one is made with 304 stainless steel, which is not only anti-corrosion but also acid and alkali-resistant. With this high-quality material, you can be sure that your water softener will last long without any problems.

Includes Mounting Bracket with Screws 

Hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing and appliances, but this whole house water softener system will help protect them. The included mounting bracket with screws makes installation a breeze, and you’ll be up and running in no time. In addition, this high-efficiency descaler will remove scale and chlorine from your water, making it safer for your family to use.

Hansing Whole House Water Softener Review Score

Our Score: 4/5

We found the Hansing Whole House Water Softener System to be an excellent way to reduce scale and chlorine buildup in homes. If you have hard water, this can be a wise purchase. The installation is effortless, and the unit has been working flawlessly. 


Overall, the Hansing Whole House Water Softener System is an excellent, high-quality water softener that will reduce scale and chlorine for your whole house. It’s easy to install and use, and most buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

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