the YARNA Electronic Water Softener and Descaler

Price: $499.99 - $239.00
(as of Dec 30,2018 11:20:34 UTC – Details)

Hard Water Problems? Hefty heating bills? Buy the YARNA Electronic Water Softener and Descaler – Removes up to 99% of Limescale

✅ DESIGNED BY SCIENTISTS: We put together a team with over 50 years of combined experience in physics and electronics to design and test YARNA. These experts came up with the simplest and most effective way to get rid of excess calcium and magnesium in your water. YARNA gives you effective scale protection up to 1.2 miles from the installation point along your pipe system.

✅ DRIVEN BY A REAL MISSION: Water is essential for hydration and therefore for life. It is also very important in food preparation and cooking, sanitation and hygiene, and a wide range of other uses. Hard water in excess is associated with a variety of health problems. Water softeners replace calcium with..SALT, exchanging one problem with another.

✅ SINGLE MOMS APPROVED: You don’t need any special help installing the YARNA as anybody can do it in just a few minutes. No tools are required for the job, everything is provided in the box. Just in case you need a helping hand, we’ve prepared a few very easy “how-to” videos on our website.

✅ 100% CHEMICAL FREE: YARNA turns calcium and magnesium into a rare form of micro crystals not prone to building up scale. Depending on ambient temperatures this effect can last up to 7 days after the water is processed by YARNA. Allowing these micro minerals to remain in the water is helpful in aiding soap oil solubilization thus preventing these oils from attaching to your ski, tub/shower surfaces.

✅ 5 YEAR WARRANTY if you register your product on our website. We just need the Amazon order number and/or YARNA serial number of your device to get 5 years of full coverage. YARNA is the only company offering this coverage for your peace of mind!

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