Scalewatcher Nano Original Electronic Descaler

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Scalewatcher Nano Original Electronic Descaler | US Patented Hard Water Softener/Conditioner Alternative


A Descaler with Pedigree

Looking for an electronic water descaler to keep your pipes and appliances limescale-free? Then go for the one that started it all!
Scalewatcher traces its beginnings to Holland in 1991, when a physics-loving teacher was granted a patent for an electronic
descaler. 27 years of research and innovation has culminated in the Scalewatcher Nano, the 12th design version in our line of
descalers. Now more effective than ever, easier to install, and impressively durable, it keeps your home limescale-free and your appliances working at optimum efficiency without using any harsh chemicals, any salt, or needing any kind of maintenance.

Know the Science

Wondering how Scalewatcher keeps your plumbing clean and your water soft? It all has to do with the beauty of
electromagnetism. Limescale build-up in your plumbing and faucets is caused by minerals in your water depositing on the surfaces. Scalewatcher creates an ever-changing magnetic field through 2 coils that causes the mineral ions to crystallize and flow along with the water instead of sticking to pipe walls or clogging faucets. Just place Scalewatcher Nano around the water inlet pipe after the meter to prevent any future lime scale build-up and gradually remove existing deposits.

Here’s why you’ll love Scalewatcher Nano:

– Doesn’t use harsh chemicals or salt.

– Improves the efficiency and life of your water heater.

– Leaves beneficial minerals in your water intact.

– Makes water feel softer, reduces scum, and improves lathering.

— Low power consumption-just 6 watts.

– Backed by a no-hassle 2-year warranty.

– PATENTED ORIGINAL: Keep lime build-up at bay with the original electronic descaler. Don’t settle for imitations that fail to work half the time. Scalewatcher has been patented since 1991 and is the go-to electronic limescale remover for homes, businesses, factories, and waterparks worldwide.

– SUPERIOR LIMESCALE CONTROL: No more clogged appliances; no more cloudy dishes. water) gradually removes existing deposits via a safe electromagnetic wave (Works best with municipal water)

– NO SALT; NO EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE: Make water feel softer and kinder to skin & hair and improve water heater efficiency without ever using salt or incurring the expensive maintenance costs of a salt-based water conditioner. Our electric water softener also leaves beneficial minerals like calcium intact, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits of your drinking water.

– SIMPLE TO INSTALL: No plumbing changes involved. No electrician required. The electronic hard water treatment system starts working immediately after the hassle-free installation and works on all diameters of both plastic and metal pipes. All the mounting hardware comes included.

– BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Safely treat water and prevent lime build-up completely risk-free. The Scalewatcher Nano comes with a 2-year warranty. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to effectively improve water quality with an electronic limescale remover that’s been around for close to 3 decades!

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