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Thermoflow Tankless Water Heater Electric for Wash Basins & Utility Sinks, 5.5kW at 240 Volts, Wall Mounted


Saves Energy and Money 
The Thermoflow Elex5.5 electric tankless water heater adopts to the advanced technology of Germany. Changing to this Elex5.5 means there are no standby losses. No need to preheat before using, the hot water will come out from the heater instantly after you turn on the water heater, you only need to stop it immediately after using, no any waste for water or electricity.
Unlimited Hot Water
Instant hot water thanks to rapid and maintenance-free bare wire heating systems.Because a Thermoflow heats water only when it is used, and for as long as it is needed, there is an endless supply of hot water. Nobody runs out of hot water.
Space Saving
A Thermoflow Elex5.5 tankless water heater completely replaces a conventional tank heater, yet takes up considerably less space, saving valuable living space and providing endless hot water on demand.
Two Options for Applications
The Elex5.5 model can be used for two different applications:Act as primary heater, just connect the inlet with cold water directly, and connect the outlet with mix tap; Act as booster heater, just connect the inlet with the outlet of storage tank,and connect the outlet with mix tap, more fast heating, higher flow rate, saving your time.


  • The device must be filled with water before connection to the electrical supply!
  • Make sure the min pressure of your water supply system reaches 7.3 PSI.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before you install or using the water heater!

1X Thermoflow 5.5kW electric tankless water heater
1X plastic bracket
1X bag of installation accessories (2 gaskets,2 anchors,2 screws)
1X instruction manual

Inquiry & aftersales service:

Hotline:+1(844)334-4203➤ TANKLESS – Save up to 60% on your water heating cost with a Thermoflow electric tankless water heater. Distribution, start-up and technical systems losses, as well as circulation and storage losses, are eliminated.

➤ ENDLESS HOT WATER – No need to preheat before using. As soon as you open the tap, the water flows with your desired temperature. High efficient, saving energy.

➤ COMPACT DESIGN – Super compact designed, even smaller than a shoe box. Wall-mounted design frees up floor space for more storage, easy to install into a washbasin and other tight spaces!

➤ EXCEPTIONALITY DURABLE – Instant hot water thanks to rapid and maintenance-free bare wire heating systems. High-quality alloy bare heating element has good corrode resistance and acid-resisting, with longer lifespan, instantaneous heating efficiency up to 99%.

➤ NOTES – Please verify that this model is the right size for your hot water needs and electrical requirements before purchase & installation. Dimensions: 7.6″ x 5.4″ x 2.6″ ; Weight: 1.8 lbs; Pipes fittings :1/2″ NPT, Electrical requirements: 5.5 kW, 240 volts,

Nominal pressure: 90PSI. Nominal current:23A. Required breakers:1 x 2-POLE 30AMP. Required wire: 1 x 12 AWG. ( Breakers and wire are NOT included )

Thermoflow Tankless Water Heater Electric