Price: $1,098.99
(as of Aug 28,2019 17:44:52 UTC – Details)

Tier1 48.000 Grain Water Softener Whole House System PLUS Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System

This whole-home filtration system by Tier1 is ideal for smaller homes, condominiums, and offices. The 48,000 Grain Capacity Tier1 Water Softener is the hard water treatment solution your home needs. The Tier1 Resin reduces calcium and manganese minerals in your water to reduce the damaging effects of scale build-up that can cause damage to your pipes and clothes as well as the early failure of your water-using appliances.

These retained particles are then washed down the drain during the system regeneration cycle to minimize their exposure to your skin, hair, faucets, food, and pipes. Enjoy cleaner dishes, brighter laundry, and smoother hair that softened water can provide.

The UV disinfection system reduces microbial contaminants ranging from protozoan cysts to viruses by using UV light waves to deactivate the DNA of microorganisms, preventing further reproduction. This system includes an indicator light to let you know when the lamp needs replacing.

IMPROVES WATER QUALITY: Reduces scale build-up, water hardness, minerals, bacteria, and much more!

GREAT TASTING WATER: Provides clean, great-tasting water to every water outlet in your home.

REDUCES CONTAMINANTS: The ultraviolet light deactivates waterborne pathogens and bacteria, disinfecting your water

EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is a breeze. Simply connect the system to you water’s point of entry.

Tier1 48.000 Grain Water Softener Whole House System