Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration system – Why Choose Watts

Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration system

Every single person in this world wants to live a healthy life. However, it seems that this is kind of impossible to achieve if even the water they consume and use for their everyday life is contaminated. As sad as it may be, this is a fact that nobody can deny.

Most households these days have only dirty water, although sometimes, they may not notice the presence of dirt in their residential water. This is why people should probably consider using the Watts Premier 531130 water filtration system. This system will get rid of any dirt and contaminants that may not be visible to the naked eyes.



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What Is Water Filtration System?

But what is water filtration system actually? In its possible simplest definition, it is a solution that is specially designed to get rid of any contaminants that residential water may contain. In addition to that, the solution has also been designed to improve the pH balance of the residential water.

How Does It Work?

Prior to purchasing any water filtration systems out there, it is also a wise idea to learn how such a system actually works. In this case, there are two ways the system can work. First, it can use the physical filtration method. This means that the system will strain water in the attempt to get rid of the impurities. It is often the case that a fine quality textile membrane or thin gauze is used here. A similar filter can often be found in an electric kettle as well.

Another method through which such a water filtration device can work is the chemical filtration method. This involves the use of an active material through which water will be passed. Then, as the water and its impurities pass through that material, the impurities will get trapped while the water will be passed on.

Benefits of the Watts Premier Water Filter

Now that it has been made clear what a water filtration device is and how it normally works, it is time people learn why they should not purchase any such filtration systems but the Watts Premier 531130 water filter. It is because of the following benefits:

3-Stage Filtration Method
First of all, this device from Watts filters water using three stages. The first stage is where the built-in sediment filter (measuring 5 microns) will filter the tap water that tries to get through it. Then, in the second stage, a heavy duty carbon block (measuring 1 micron) will try to get rid of any chemicals and leads contained in the water.

Then, in the last, the third stage, the system will use a state-of-the-art membrane with the UF hollow fiber technology to filter the water even further. With such many filtration stages, it is virtually impossible for any contaminants to get through.

Simple to Use
This water filtration system by Watts is very easy to operate. Believe it or not, there is even no need for electricity or a tank storage at all. This is very ironic considering that the system actually utilizes a very advanced filtration process, the UF3 filtration process. This standard was used only in hospitals and municipal water treatment plants in the past.

Easy to Assemble
This Watts Premier 531130 kit is very easy to assemble, mainly thanks to its push-button assembly and swivel-valve design. This means that users of the system will not even have to shut off their water supply when the kit is being installed or when the filter is being replaced.

Guarantees Safe Tap Water
According to researches, volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs for short, actually, exist in every one-fifth of the water supplies that a nation consumes. The VOCs usually contaminate groundwater with the help of such things as oil or gasoline spills, disinfection byproducts, dry cleaning chemical substances, septic cleaners and many more.

Yet, thanks to the UF3 filtration technology from Watts, you can now have peace of mind knowing that your tap water is always safe to consume as they contain no contaminants whatsoever.

Easy Filling
This system from Watts uses Euro-style valve made of high-end ceramic material. This makes it easy to fill pitchers, glasses and even coffee pots as well.

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